The Story of the Waker.

This is the story of the waker.
He walked through the store, sublimely unaware. She said to him, "I love this song". "What song", he asked. She pointed out the music playing and he said, "my attention was on the sale, now I hear it".

He walked along and came to television sets. All were playing the same program but one. It was black. The clerk turned it on. It played also.

There was static in the car radio. He tuned it to hear the song more clearly. Later, on driving home, he felt a "push" to the right and swerved left, narrowly avoiding an accident.

He got home and thought he heard a voice within his house. It was his father, who guided him in life, but had passed. He felt is was saying "hello". He dismissed it, but it kept coming back, until finally, he answered. Then a "conversation". He thought it was in his mind. Years later he found it was true.

The heart yearned for love and the soul for reunion. He did not know how, but one day asked, to nothing in particular - "Why? How?" The he "slipped" and an answer of knowing came. Later he tuned his heart as he had the radio. The static cleared. He knew more

The sense grew. He felt that presence. Said "the spirit, or the universe, or something" was guiding him. He tried it out occasionally, listening and acting on it. It worked out when he did.

Trust grew. He tuned in more and more toward the soundless sound within. The voice grew stronger. The knowing, being, and its presence felt as thought it was there all the time. He turned toward it more and more for decisions, and followed it instead of his thoughts. It worked out well.

Trust grew, faith in the words, but more, the spirit of this guidance - felt, loved, supporting him now. He felt it everywhere. Waking or sleeping he knew it was the answer. He gave himself more to it. Following every nuance now. It called to him: "Come closer". He did, in heart and breath. Finally it said to him, "You are too far away still. Look through my eyes, feel through my heart, hear me as I am and as you are". He let go and heard, and saw, and felt.

Later, he pulled away. It took a great effort to keep feet in ground and heart in sky. He practiced, tried, and did it more and more until it became easier, then a habit, then a way - then until the natural way. He could barely remember when it was not there.

He was walking in the store one day when she said, "Look at the sale, this is wonderful". He said, "I did not see it, my attention was on the music". "What music", she asked? He said, "The Song". A little bit came through.

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