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A broad view of Suf

There are those who say that Suf - or one of Suf - refers to that sound which comes from the Universal Sound of Creation and which is reflected in usage or focus through mantra or wazifa. This sound includes a "sliding", moving, smoothness out of the unmanifest, toward creation.

There are others, I among them, who claim that these sounds point toward a function of completeness from the unmanifest to the manifest and return, and who also use the sound focus for another purpose. In this, the sounds are used as a means of attunement, or zikr, as a way to remember and experience: a remembering practice.

In the situation of starting with the manifest, we feel a smoothness transitioning finer and finer toward the unmanifest and then returning into form. These functions are represented and "caught" by the tones of sssssss, uuuuuuuu, and ffffffff, respectively. From there, the cycle is completed and repeats, cycling again.

This is more of the practice of the recitation and attunement through the sound/form sssuuufff. If several persons were upon a bench and they continued this practice on a regular basis, and actually experienced and realized - remembered, one might even call them something like "people of suf" or "those who are of the Suf". If you then referred to their clothing, or the presence of purity, or their knowing/wisdom which resulted from their re-becoming - that is, where this practice leads - and the purification of self from which comes pure action, thought, deed, breath, and light: these blessings; one might also call these people "The Sufs". And if you were to take it further, you might even say that the True Suf is the one who is of the pure light of being through which creation has moved and moves in each breath and being, and is reflected through the ongoing sound of ssss uuuuu ffff. We then have a very broad view of what is sometimes called "Sufic": experience of The One.

In this we also can find the key to the origin of words which describe a condition of being rather than an Order, form, method, organization, or approach. This is Suf, or Sufi, in its broader view.

Orders, organizations, earthly forms, methods, and means are all very new, relatively speaking. Consider that even the teachings of the last few thousand years are something which are a mere "drop in the bucket" of time and experience. Yet they are all working today and still part of a larger process.

Consider that the Universe as known is stated by scientists as perhaps being some 15 to 20 billion years old, and that mankind is as much as 80 million to 85 million years old. So 4 or 5 or even 10 thousand years of time is very brief, relatively. Yet we tend to make this out as being of such great importance - which it is - but certainly is not all there is; nor should we necessarily depend on the more recent past to provide all the answers or be The Way in a larger sense.

Consider, through experience if you are able (for this is the way the Knower does) that there has been a continuum of form and densification for a long "time". Also consider, if you will, that "people" or personalities have taken form through many levels over this period, and that forms have gotten denser and denser as "time" went on. We have existed as much more than physical entities while still aware of what is going on, well beyond this evolution in earth. In addition, there have been means of remembering, visualization or perception, interaction, and growth in and through all these levels and developments for the period we are considering. Of this we are, and one being in both the process, means, extension, and return, as well as the presence - of what we are.

Work has taken place in this world and other "worlds" or "heavens" or levels of being for a long period now. In addition, as people grew in forms and evolution took and takes place, we have provided means for remembering and becoming again within this realm. This is "The Teaching" so to speak. And it has taken the forms needed for many thousands of years. Further, it has percolated to the surface through many means in addition to people of note. This has been ongoing for a larger period through evolving personalities, and it is only recently that we are becoming more aware of it as global and on a personally day to day basis.

I say, also, that this has been part of one continuous work by a being, or beings together making up one entity - sometimes referred to as The Spirit of Guidance. From the Larger Heart and One both directly and through this came all the teachings, progress, philosophies, and means - teachings, practices, etc., for advancement. This is the real transmission. And all who are of it are the Knowers of Truth and conveyors, workers of light and love. These are The Real people, and we of this world can also be of them should we go far enough in remembering and being again.

This is the True Person and it is of This we call Suf as an expression of It - The Real. So here we also include all those beings who know and live and are of this light/love/being/breath as one body and personality. In the midst of form and separateness, still there is but one. So when we recognize another as oneself it is not differentiating Suf into its forms, so much as bringing both together, in daily activity, and recognizing that reality.

There are not two realities nor two Truths, but only One Being Real. So when we recognize this we include all people of it. The statement that Truth - or peace, or love, or any advancement is not the domain of any person or group or organization is very correct. Therefore in the acceptance and bringing forward of This Truth and being in today's world, for the betterment of all, we accept all who know and are as part of the Truth and Its expression. This is truly the basis and heart of which Suf shows. Call it any name you wish, it still is Truth. The light still shines and that love still is. The words point the way as they are reflected through all the teachings of the Great Ones, the path of realization, and the means and approaches of the mystic path - no matter what names they bear. This unity of purpose and being is available for all to see and experience who are able. It is of this that we regain in harmony and joy and welcome in todays world. Let Suf rejoin in action and acceptance as one process, being, and way today, and we shall open the way for greater expression of peace, joy, bliss, harmony, and love for all peoples. Separate it, and stay apart. Join together in acceptance and we all may learn and benefit. Love will lead us to harmony and peace will reign again.

This is Suf. It is not organizations, or groups, or people who have been initiated into some path or way. It is not Orders, or Teachings, or methods, or means. It is not approaches or of some person or situation. It is of Heart, of Love, of Knowing, of Being, of One. Bliss, Peace, Joy, Harmony, and Light are it's hallmarks and all who are of this are of Suf. These are the ones of heart. These are the ones light, of love, real love, The Real, The True, being people, human, and one with each other, helping through life. It is not some philosophy and it is not some theory. It is living as one behind the veil, being as one with and part of the learning, growing, and even the very alive consciousness one is. Here is found Truth. In the heart of hearts, through the Great Love. Be of this and One is, and that "Is", is what Suf reflects, contains, and expresses. Open the doors to all those of this and the way of union, God (if you will) and All (if you'd prefer) can find a way to live and be through us all. Peace is here. Joy is here. Knowing is here. Freedom is here. And the way through everlasting guidance and being comes to the fore through it. This is where we find out how to do - and then do it. Open the way for all to come forward, not just some limited group or name. This is the way. Love and openness and acceptance and union. Be not of lesser. It is not becoming. Let the sound/breath/love/light/peace/joy be. This is living in Suf, as Suf.

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