The densification of SUF

Behind the veil,
beyond the One,
the sound of Love.
When IT comes toward and into,
through creation,
a movement which gives forth sounds and tones.
As love moved forth a sound ssssss.
Smooth and welcoming, beckoning,
moving forward toward One.
And upon reaching, the unity of being,
uuuuuu manifests,
shows its face for all to see and worship.
The sound of heaven,
angelic spheres becoming, calling.
ffffff tumbles toward the denseness of being,
becoming the next heaven,
forming the platform of sound/life that spawns the coming,
loves receptive field through which to multiply and grow.
Love becomes sssssuuuuufffff
fills itself and fulfills, and one is born.

Coming unto this we sit,
together sound,
again the primordial wave upon which we travel and are,
make up all creation, be.
Suf leads us to the One, and beyond, of itself.
Love carries the way and becoming is no longer, but isness reigns alive.
Become again, suf turns upon itself and lives.
Sit upon the couch of love, oh suf and become.
Be in the hearts of all.
Men and women are your face and love knows no bounds, but is.
Oh suf, become again and be.
For I am of your soul and you are mine.

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