Tale of a Seeker

This is the story of a seeker. It starts with a tale that he or she - for we do not know who this person is - had heard. It was said, actually decreed, spoken with knowing, that there exists now and has always existed something called "That Which IS". Further, is was said That Which IS made up all things and all people, that its nature was of light and love; that it frees, supports, and carries every thing and every person, and that if a person knew it, then he or she also would know its boundless joy, peace, and harmony.

Well, this person heard the story and said to himself - or herself - that he wanted to find That Which IS. So he started off looking. Along the way, he heard more stories of something that he felt might lead him to That Which IS. He heard references to it in various books and by various people. The more he looked, the more these stories all seemed to be describing the same thing - even though they referred to That Which IS by different names. He heard them in folk tales, songs, poetry, and in the writings of the religions and paths. But the more he sought the home of That Which IS, the more he felt that he was missing something - because he could not find that home.

Finally, in a moment of desperation, our seeker - whose intent was strong and single minded - stopped and sat, very quiet and despondent. His thoughts became quieter and all that he could think about was That Which IS. All he wanted to do was find out if the story that it existed was true - and if it was true, then to become a friend and to know it.

In that moment, when thought was not present, and desire was fixed upon his goal, he thought he heard a whisper. "Seeker ... Seeker", he thought he heard it call. Startled, he looked around to see where the voice was coming from, but could see no person. Again, he heard, "Seeker ... Seeker, why do you look around. I am here, as I always have been". And at that, he realized the voice was coming from within himself. He was filled with joy at the hearing of the whisper.

At that, he turned even more of his mind to the small, faint voice. "Are you That Which IS"? he asked within. And the voice answered him, "I am called by many names, and found in many forms, but I am that I am, and also That Which IS."

I have found you at last, cried the seeker, but the little voice replied, "you have found only my little voice, and at that, only a small part of it. I am that I am, and there is much farther to go if you would know me and my home."

The seeker, still joyous, now felt that still something was missing. He turned to the voice and asked, "If that is so, where should I go? I have heard all about you. Are the stories true?"
"Yes, they are true", responded the voice.

"I have heard tales of you from the Buddhists. Are you a Buddhist?" asked the seeker.
"Yes, I am a Buddhist - and I am much more. But if you seek me as one earnestly enough you will find me."

"Are you a Christian - I have heard stories of you there also?"
"Yes, I am a Christian, said the small voice, - and I am much more. But if you seek me as one earnestly enough you will find me."

And at that, the seeker asked and asked "Are you a Hindu, are you a Jew, are you a God or Goddess, are you nature;"? until finally, he ran out of things to ask about.
And to all these things the voice answered, "Yes, I am that - and I am much more. But if you seek me earnestly enough you will find me. I am that I am."

The seeker stopped for a moment and all was quiet. His breath was still, and his thoughts were nil. And all of a sudden he got a glimpse, a little feeling, and felt he remembered something far off - or perhaps it was very close - he could not tell. And it struck him to ask, "If you are all things, are you not also me, and I you?"

"Yes, that is so", said the voice. "But to know that, you will have to become me".

"How do I do that"?, asked the seeker.
And the voice responded immediately, "Seek me in all things, look for me in all people, hear me in every voice, and desire only me with all your heart. If you do this, you will find me. And if you find me and loose yourself in love of me, you will join with me as My beloved.

At that the heart of the seeker jumped, for he remembered even more - or felt he did - that at one time he knew That Which IS as I AM that I AM. And, he asked once again, "Is there some way that I can join with you now?"

"You must know me better" said the voice. "Listen to me constantly, tune your heart to me, and desire only me. Your joy will carry you. Breathe only for me, hear only my sound, and your love will bring you to my door. But to enter, you must lose yourself in My voice and My heart - it is only then that you will know me - and then you will know me as I AM that I AM."

"There are many ways to know me better", continued the voice, "and they all lead to my home - which also is not different than yours. Repeat my name and find within it that thread, so fine yet so strong, that you may follow it back to me - for my name is a calling to me."

"Follow my voice in the stillness and quietness. Listen to my name in the breath and your heart. Feel it draw you back - and you will remember and follow. And, if you desire - with all your heart, and all your mind, and all you soul, if your intention is pure - then it matters not the name that is called or the thread that is followed, you will find me. It is then, that you must summon all your strength and with all your being let me carry you over the threshold of my door. Only then will you know me as I AM.

The seeker looked around and the world seemed a little different. There was purpose and clarity that was not seen before. And he started to get up, now with greater intent, and a goal that he knew existed. But, he also thought he heard, before he stood, a little more from that small voice. He thought it said, "Seek me in breath, love me, hear me, ... breathe me - become me, my beloved"

And that is why we repeat the names and follow the thread; and when we do we find the breath and it carries us upon the wind and the wings of love to our home.

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