The Teaching
and Learning in this Age

The Teaching, or Divine Guidance in this Age continues as it has in the past. It always updates itself to the changing needs and development - both on an individual and larger level - be it local grouping, organization, nation, or planet. As we enter into this new cycle, we see this updating more dramatically because the previous teaching pattern is still clearly with us for a comparison.

As the age progresses, these changes or updates, will seem less obvious and more the norm. Right now, in this transition period, we are learning the new approaches and methods of relating to the teaching. It will become more natural and easy with both practice and time.

The change that is most noted now is the completion of the cycle of "Bringer of the next step" through the person of the prophet. It is shifting to the individual attaining to that level of prophethood, through intuitive guidance for his or her "world", be it small or large depending upon the circumstances.

We need to remember that all the great teachings came in order; one block upon the other as in the building of a house; and as one step upon another in a stairway. These teachings eventually became the ways and when solidified enough, the religions - vestiges of which are left today, as shadows of their former "real" cause.

In these days we begin to inhabit the house that was built before; and begin to become the house holders ourselves. It is not that the value of the previous works has ended, it is only they are being put to greater use, and toward its end function - the individual application directly, without the need for the intervenor.

It is much like the builders of a real house have worked on the structure to completion. Each stage had its place and kind of workers. The attribute or feeling of each stage gave way to the next. Finally the structure was done.

When the ground was being cleared the owner of the land had that on his mind. He paid attention to the clearing of the land: the bulldozing, the leveling and grading, and felt that process was the most important thing - for at that time it was. It was all consuming in the feeling of the work. But the homeowner also knew that there was more to come. The clearing of the land was not the end.

In the larger religious or spiritual life the parallel was not widely known. The pattern of the construction process was seen only by a few - and sometimes even they knew only a part; as the greater "picture" was known by others - those higher up. That Hierarchy we can liken to the Board of Directors of a project. Only they were and are not of a physical presence; and are primarily acting as one being. They in turn passed the needed inspiration to those capable of receiving it. Finally, through the stepping down of the transmission, like the architect to the building general contractor, to the tradesmen, the structural aspects of the teaching were brought forth.

The main levels were like the various major aspects of building the house. After the grading came the mason for the foundation; then came the structural aspects; then the framing, then finishing the walls and roof, followed by the infrastructure - plumbing and wiring; and finally the finishing; the painting, cabinetry, carpeting, and cleaning. After all that, there would need to be an inspection and evaluation. In this phase all the different parts of the house are examined. They are tested and used and it is made sure that they are integrated and work together. This is some of the work of the last stage of the the Prophets. It is said that Mohammed was the "Seal of the Prophets", for he integrated and put into practice the works before as a human.

Now, we have listened to the bulldozer, watched the mason, followed the carpenter, plumber, and electrician, and gotten the o.k. from the inspector. In each stage we learned how the house was constructed. Then we were instructed in how to use it, maintain, and repair it. Now we are moving in and becoming the homeowner. We are putting into practice through ourselves, in our daily life, the fulfillment of all the work that came before.

This is the time then that the teachings are put into practice through our own lives. It does not mean that we automatically know all the things about the house simply by moving in. It means that as we learn about the house, become familiar in its use and how to maintain it, we become the direct occupant with the responsibility to keep it up, improve it if we can, and turn it over to another with the intention to continue that process. We are the intervenors, and the next one to come then assumes it as it is passed on.

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