The Message of Our Day:

Spiritual liberty, realization,and universality.

Matt Lippa, Feb. 2009

The Message is Unity, Harmony, and Love. It works out through the message of the day.

The message of our day is in three parts: liberty and equality, experience and realization, and universality. Liberty is found in the freedom that comes through rising above limitation. Equality shows itself in the acceptance of others as oneself, equal in value. Experience is the means of stepping forward. Realization is the assimilation and living of that experience. And universality is the perspective of unity and life applying to all.

The message is of love, harmony, beauty; life itself. It is harmonizing with others in the earth, helping each other, living in harmony with the land, assisting the planet, being a guide for others, and bringing real peace, joy, and freedom throughout the world - by practicing it within one's own life. It is increasing beauty through ones actions, thoughts, and feelings; and perceiving it where it exists. And it is spreading of love through oneself without parochial organization or external force being the impetus. Rather it is through the guiding of love itself that action results; and the organism of life is the organization of the body of which we are.

The first part, liberty and equality, is divided into two, but in reality they go together. While experience and realization may seem to be the same things; they are not. Yet they also constitute one portion of the new message. Finally, universality; it is not new at all, yet it is part of today's message. Together they all constitute the message of divine wisdom, actively working into and through the earth.

The Message in General:
We find the message of our day working out through numerous channels. Each one is valuable and honored for both what it is and what it does. We do not put one above the other, or think that the message is relegated to the few. No, in this age, in our time, it expresses through all - as it ever has. But not always has it been recognized or accepted as such. Today our message is one of acceptance - of the many channels through which it comes; of the people who bring it or express it, knowingly or not; and the many forms through which it shows itself.

It is not enough to say the message exists. It always exists. Now, it also is needed to recognize it, honor it, and follow it - in daily life.

The message is that which continues in all times and adjusts itself according to the needs of form itself in order to make the next step forward. It tailors itself to the receptive of the ages. It shows its face in a thousand thousand ways, and tunes its music to the harmony of the day through the variety of instruments available. And when one wears out or goes away, another takes its place, and the message continues. Perhaps it is a little louder, or softer, a various tone or scent, but still, continuing it raises the step - the foot of earth and heaven move closer toward the heart. It is this message - which constantly comes through within, from the finer to the coarser, in a sense; and also leads from without, reflected, that we call the Message of Our Day.

It is not exclusive, for it is available to all. It does not pretend to be the answer for all time; rather it says "Pay attention to me now, for today's call and sound is of now. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow has not come. Only now, beloveds, my words speak to your heart for your action, your turning, now, today. This is the message we bring forward. Step by step."

The Carrying of the Message:
Building upon these steps came all the prophets and teachers. Truth expresses itself to the people of need and capacity. They all helped - equally from the standpoint that each was a bringer of the way, even if the means were different and the jobs were varied; for there is only one equality and that is in and of The One. It is here that we turn, in respect; and equality shows its face. We raise neither the prophet nor the servant above each other, for in the face and heart of The One, they are all the same. This is the equality we seek; an equality of love, dynamically changing in the method, the approach, and the expression is of this equality.

Now you say say they are different in their works, teachings, approaches, times, races, and land; and this is true. You say, but if one built upon the other and brought forth another step, this is not equal - and we say that is correct - from that point of view. But when we say, all has come from us and make up one body, how can we say that the finger today is different from that same finger tomorrow; or the hand has grown, when it is the same? We reach forward still, and it is only one life, one being, one way; for one purpose - and in this we are equal, and are one.

There is another level of equality that stems from unity. This realization, this growth also leads toward spiritual liberty. In this age we turn from the need of prophets or world guides external to ourselves, and reach toward fulfilling the promise of the religions and the ways. This is only done by becoming part of the "group" or body in daily life; functioning as part of it. In this age is the moving toward that ideal by humanity in general. How long that will take to be fulfilled will show eventually. But today there is the call for those who can hear. It is they who are drawn to the message of our day. That message is to lay the framework, through example and work, for the future. It is in this structure, through experience and realization that the next stage of spiritual liberty is reached.

We no longer need the structure or support of belonging to a separate race or religion. We are citizens of the world, and as such belong in one place. The races and religions have run their course from the perspective of need; yet they do have a place today in stepping forward. It is in the fulfillment of their message and in the unification of one body within the planet. How that will work out will be up to those in generations to come. Yet today we continue the start made by generations past. We do our part now.

Liberty and equality:
The next stage or step in spiritual liberty is the rising above the distinctions that separate humankind. In the course of that we must join together in one body. As parts of that body, name, group, and organization divide, not unite. Yet we cannot make this transition overnight. It takes time to adjust and assimilate into one grouping, one body, one being - from which we come and of which we are. It is not done immediately, no matter how great the desire for unity and equality. These things are done in steps.

Today we honor all the religions, all the paths, all the great teachers, prophets, people of the work, as part of one body. We realize and accept the institutions and organizations as the means to make transitions. In some cases they are dead or have lost their original intention, are distorted. These shall go by the wayside, atrophied or excised. Others are like ships which carry passengers; are alive and useful. To go from one port to another a vessel is needed, and it must have a rudder and helmsman.

Thus we continue with organization, form, body, functions; yet today our methods and means change slightly - not drastically, but only a little. We do this by reaching toward a greater body, a natural and more real organization - the organism of love taking form through those realized beings who make it up. We no longer cling to name, for the Nameless One is of which we are.

Does this mean we can no longer accept those who claim or hold to a name, or form, or organization? No, not at all - we embrace them, as part of ourself, for what they are. We do not divide, we unite, in one. And in so doing we may remind - at times and in the right way - of their source, from which they came; and also to which they return. We do not worry or cause division or pain because one is stepping slower than another. All we do is help point toward the right direction, embracing their real efforts. It is this help that all humanity can use, and all people can give.

The New Organization:
How is this organization formed if not of a legal, hard structure? Where do we find the guidance, the means of interaction, the opportunities for learning, growth, transmission? It does not happen out of the blue, so to speak, without any help or assistance by people. But the major form, or structure is the "unseen" organism or body of which we are all a part. It is this organization to which we all belong, and it is of this guiding spirit, intelligence, nature, united with all who comprise it, that we find our daily work and effort, combined with the working out of the more "real" filling of need.

To do this we must assume our role as members of this body, and fulfill our obligations as realized beings in earth. It is toward this that humanity moves, and we, of one "personhood" show the way. Thus we join in guidance through the one body, organization, which is nothing but the ordering of love, harmony, and beauty, in form. There is no greater organization than That Which Is and which shows Its face in all form, of which nature is its closest hand. So, to this body we become a member; and from It, all bodies, all religions, all paths, all ways, all prophets, are of us also - and we of them. Is there a name for this? You may call it whatever you wish, but rather than call it by name or sect, let us just refer to it without title or limiting it, so again, to not cause division. Let us consider it to be of the nameless, from which all comes. Then, let us honor all names which others may call or say as within, part, and reflections of this.

So in joining in this one body, organism, as part of the work, being guided from Truth and acting as a cog in the machine of love, we must also make a transition, person by person, to be able to function in this manner. This of course is where the school will reflect the need of the steps to take of those within it. In so doing, it acts as a stepping stone toward assisting others - through whatever means is appropriate and acceptable - to become, function as, part of the greater body.

But this does not happen overnight. Thus there is a transition through experience and realization for one to progress. It is this that is called "learning". And the means of the "institution" are the "classes" that help one gain the abilities to learn from life itself, the only true teacher. Thus we point toward the only one from which teaching can come, not the individual representation who guides and leads. The leading is to help lift another who rises in love and breath, toward the heights of being, fulfilling his or her life incarnate. It is by doing this that the chain of transmission is brought through earth.

Does this mean it cannot be done without a guide or assistor? No, it does not. Nothing is impossible, but still, both in this age and in our own day, it is easier to have the help of one who has traveled this way before and who also is in a physical body. This chain, this path, then becomes the means of expression of the one being, until a person is raised higher by Itself, of that accord.

Is there initiation in that process? Yes. It is either natural or through form of person. But either way, the step is toward the One, and the linking, the joining, universal in nature. So it is of and to the one being from which all paths and ways and prophets come and are; and to which they all point or told. Thus it is direct, without the intermediary, for in our day, the need is for each individual to fulfill the role that was brought by the prophet. No longer do we need the intermediary of the priest. The next stage of humanity, and people - beings, rays of One, is to take one to their rightful place as realized beings within the one body. This is the next step; and though it may take thousands of years to fulfill, yet we lay the foundations for it to move toward this today. It is the message of our day. It is the next step toward spiritual liberty.

Spiritual liberty may be considered as the functioning, or living, within the one body as part of it - consciously. It is no longer necessary to call oneself a Jew or a Muslim, a Christian, or a Jain. It is only necessary to function - live - as what one truly is. This is not an easy step, nor is it giving away one's heritage. It is fulfilling it. So in this age, and in this time, today, we begin to make this step without the consideration we take anything away from the history or teachings of the past. Indeed, we fulfill them by being ourself in action. It is this toward which all the prophets pointed; and it is to this that the consciousness and heart of the One intends; that is freedom is life, with the realization of oneself. It is worked out through love, harmony, and beauty. These attributes, aspects of the divine infinite and its creation are also the means of return - remembrance. Through seeking these ideals, we become them. It is by putting our eyes upon the beauty of all that we begin to see the beauty inherent in, behind, and through all form. It is by being in harmony, with our brother and sister that we move toward the harmony of life; and it is through love, unselfish, that we rise to the highest - of love/light itself. How one does this is called the spiritual path; and it is the road to spiritual liberty.

Thus, in this time, our obligation is to the path - of remembrance, love, harmony, beauty - life itself. It is toward this that we move; and in so doing, bring ourself closer to that one reality which is fulfilled by being - joy, hope, bliss, peace, harmony. These are all attributes which exist and which come to the fore through this action. It is this toward which we move when we say, "In You, I live, and breathe, and have my being". But we also do not stop here, for there is still separation within this perception of "you" and "I". This becomes then, the stepping stone to unity.

Our Work Today:
It is from unity that one learns the methods of creation. It is from unity that the heart unfolds the plan of life. And it is through love that it is carried out. Thus we put ourself, in this world, today, as part of the working out of this plan in our daily life, as great as our capacity. This is the harmony with the one, and it is tailored to the ever growing capacity that each one has. It is reached - this harmony of action and intention by putting aside selfishness - thought of, identification with, protection of the lesser; by giving this up and by moving toward and becoming part of the greater. This is what we move toward and fulfill in this age. And today what is called for is that we heed the voice of the divine through all its forms - seen and unseen, known and unknown, as equal parts in value of this process. It is this that we glorify, not the individual, for the face is but a vehicle for the One which makes it up. In the course of doing this, we then recognize these faces as part of the one, doing some of the one work, in the circle flow of life, carrying forward the message of our day the best each can. It is this message: love, peace toward our fellow, harmony with each other and the continuity of life - our planet, the stars and planets, and the greater unseen body; and in this recognition of the one from which all comes, returns, and is.

The Carrying of the Message Today:
This works out in each person's life according to his or her capacity to receive and abilities to give. There is no limit, and each one, no matter how far along the road one has traveled, will and can go further. In this sense, each starts anew and continues at each breath, with each beat of the heart. The next step then can be found through the giving away of the person and following the guidance of the all that constantly flows. This step is through the "person" so it includes, rather than denies, this life and its means as valuable and necessary. The highest action that one can do is to carry forward this guidance - intention through intuition and knowing - which comes through heart, the capacity for love - in daily life. Thus one tunes oneself to be a string played by life itself in the harmony - the grand symphony.

One does this by following guidance, not just talking about it. This is in each ones life, through each form, continuously. Part of the purpose of spiritual guidance is to assist another to reconnect, remember, and to reassimilate, knowingly, acting as part of this guidance and assistance; and in so doing, lifting oneself, and all of humanity and creation closer toward fulfillment - through love and realization. It is this toward which we move in our daily lives, thus also fulfilling the teaching and guidance of the great ones who came to earth and led, provided the message of that day. And in so doing, we both provide the message now of our day, and lead to the next step to be taken by those who come. Within the heart, within one, are all the great teachings, religions, paths, of the past; as today, one reaches directly to the Way as the means. This is the synthesis and the culmination of all the great teachings, religions, and paths. This is the way of love.

In doing this we not only become "members" of these great religions and teachings, having guided humanity for many years, but also, and more really, they are within us, and join together, as parts within our heart.

Thus honor, breath, and function takes place when we consider them each as stepping stones, and then follow the course of love, fulfilling their promise. It is done through harmony and loss of "self", giving away of attachment to a lesser person, place, race, religion, or means; and acceptance of and identification with, the one true being, including it parts, from which all this has come. This is re-member-ance, and it is this which leads to spiritual liberty and freedom today - our day. Following, by giving up leads to one truth.

The way of following must be through experience. Words are not the end, nor is experience alone. These steps must be assimilated for growth and understanding to take place. This is part of realization. Realization also is the experience of living as something, not external to it or separate from it. One may experience an insight, a state, but it is not until one reaches the stage where he or she lives from this perspective through function, as part of oneself, that it is realized. It is this toward which Jesus, and others spoke, by saying, "Be perfect, as your Father in heaven is perfect". Further, he gave the way and means: love the One That Is with everything - all your heart and soul, and life, and experience, love, be - your brother, your sister, all life, all things, as oneself. It is this toward which we move in the evolutionary experience and living - realization.

The message of our day is that in this process, where there is separation, completeness is not yet; where there is hate, love is needed to grow; where there is disharmony, peace; and where there is decay and destruction, life. In all these things we hold each others hand and lift each other, as parts of ourself, while one in turn is lifted by the Greater, the only One Which Is. When that "other" that lifts one is of the higher, the face of the divine so to speak, it is in this we live and breathe and have our being. We are then thankful for life itself showing us the way and helping to make the next step. It is this attitude of thankfulness and receptivity we develop today; and in the message of the day, we carry forward the knowing that we all can be suns of life and moons of all - reflecting the goodness inherent in and through life itself. This is the day of experience and realization, not talk alone; and stepping forward through what needs to be done. In this way, each person has a role, and lifts each other, and all of humanity and life.

For this to take place it takes harmony of being, experience of what one truly is, realization by becoming, and action of that which is needed to do. The message of our day is to move toward this, rather than separateness or personal desire; and this takes people willing to step out, dedicate themselves to this; and to live it.

Universality is the result of this realization as it is from the universal, the one, that all stems. It is like the plant which grows from the cutting. When one traces it back, one finds all the plants which came from the one source. We see this in gardens and nurseries where leaves are of the same plant, and where seed of one plant brings forth many others. They are not separate, but both part of and a continuance of one. So too in life - through putting ourself in the flow, so to speak, we become of it; and it is part of the one greater ocean. Through its rivers and streams it meanders or runs in torrents, yet also returns to itself, re-unified and purifying anew - like the cycle of rain from the clouds which falls, is used, returns to the sea, and is lifted to the clouds, to fall again. Of this universality is the drop, and to which it returns. Thus in this day, our message, the message is one of universality. Be not attached to the lesser or protection of keeping that, for in the greater is the one which lifts, has shown its face in all its parts, and now merges again in the path of universality. Be of this, the one, and all the rest shall fall in place; and respect and honor shall follow.

It is this that we speak of when we say that a universal perspective includes all others. It is not divisive, but unifying, because it sees, perceives, knows, the whole; and its parts then are recognized for what they are - parts of the one.

This universal experience and realization is open to all people; and to which the prophets and great teachers, knowers of Heart, all point and tell - and which in many cases live today, our day. It is not enough to speak of the past and glorify others. It is needed that we - each one of us - step in the sun and also convey that sunlight through us and our life.

And how is this done, this conveyance? It is through living of ones life connected to the whole in reality; not in word or thought. It is by feeling part of the one being - because one is and experiences it. And the method of following the guidance of this one - to which we belong and are, is the acting out of intuition, knowing of the heart in daily life. Taking the first step is always the hardest, but if people only knew how easy it is to be of the Way, of the Heart, they would gladly give of themselves all they possess and act from the one.

This is gained in every day life by simple action. It is by placing yourself, your heart, your goals, your desire - your intention - in all you do, toward That one - That which both is and isnot and from which all comes, and try to harmonize with It. That is one of the reasons guidance and transmission is so valuable; in that it gives a face and opportunity within the seen, to lead toward that which is not so readily seen. It is this guidance which we follow - until finally it also is not separate from ourself, but one as part of It and It as part of one.

The first step then is following whatever guidance shows. And then doing that leads to the next step, and so forth. Following that guidance, intuition being the face of it, is much easier than trying to figure out what to do or not do. There are no rules or regulations. There is no theory, or catechism to learn. There is no philosophy to hold to or try to balance in an ever changing world. There is only the following of this guidance, this knowing, of and through heart/breath, and this leads to daily action in the right way. Thus, in our day, we make the transition toward this as an impulse to live rather than the outer characteristics or goals of society, or convenience or desire of person. In so doing, we grow toward this One. The first step is the hardest, but after taking it, is found to be easy. Reach then toward guidance in breath and heart, with quietness of mind, putting aside "self" the best you can, and try. It will work, and lead you to the next step and more: an ever expanding guidance and knowing.

Is there a form that one should look for or needs to keep in mind when doing this? Is there a method, or name, or group, or organization which is applicable for all? There is, but it is not born of the earth. It is the name of Nameless One, the organization of love, harmony, and beauty, and the method of filling the need of the day. Therefore it is open to all to act as needed to fill what he or she is called to do. Step forward in this and it shall be provided for you to complete your task. Trust in the one - for you are its partner, itself.

We are all partners in action. Whether we are aware of it or not, still we are partners. Everything that we do, or say, or think, or aspire to affects all of us. For the conscious ones, activity results from harmonizing with the One and working the best one can, to the greatest of their capacity and ability in bringing forward the love and light that is theirs to do so - in the way that is needed, particularly through them.

Each person is a wonderful and wondrous thing - a universe in oneself, yet not separate from any other thing. And each person has qualities and abilities that no one else has. It is in and through the particular personality that life is given its scope of expression, and in this we glorify the One - showing its face through all its forms and means. It is this that we cling to when we say no one is greater than another; that all have a part to play - and all are valuable and equal in the sight of the One. This is the message of spiritual liberty, equality, experience, realization, and universality for our day.

The Message of The Day: An Overview

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