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A Welcome Message

Dear One:

You've come here for one or more reasons. I can't tell why just by your reading this, but I can tell you something.

This site is filled with words. Many thousands of them I have written myself. There are practices, stories, recitations, concentrations, contemplations, all sorts of writings on the spiritual path, and many works by other people. There are even more words in the form of audio files. All are good for pointing toward the Real. Without any of them, you still could grow, feel, and experience. They also can be traps. Each thing you read requires you to pull away from being into intellect, or feeling through another. This is not, in and of itself, the path. The path is of experience, feeling, doing, being, loving.

Of all these writings, I've got to tell you: "No words are IT". They ain't even close. No, you got to do it yourself. Go to the Heart of Hearts. You've got it all: right here, right now. You have it and are it. You just need to remember - feel. And all these words can be, may be, could be, good for helping you along the way: to then put them aside and feel, be, do, love. This is the real stuff.

"You gotta have heart", goes the song. Well, I gotta tell you, Love is the way. Not just little feel good, superficial, "I like you" kind of love. Not just emotion or even great lust. No, this is the L.O.V.E. that hits you right between the eyes, knocks you down, feels like you lose yourself and immerse yourself in. This kind of love. It's the love in which you feel "This is IT." Where you don't care what happens or who says what. It's the "I got to be here and love" kind of love. The heart is open, the juice is flowing, you are tingling all over, and then you lose yourself completely in and of it. This will get you further than all the words in the world. They are good only to help you understand so you can move on to do, and be: to experience.

Now this is the thrust of this site: to help you along the way. Assistance can be through many means, and words can be one of them. But hold them lightly and try not to get caught up in some silliness that now you know something because you read, or even understood, the words - not even these words you are now reading. Let them go. Feel. Be. Do. Experience. Love.

You know, Jesus, talking about the way and love, said it really clearly. He was asked something like "Yo, Bub, what's real? How do you get there? What is the way to realization?" And he said something like, "Love, Baby". Oh, you need more? Ok, here's the deal. If you want to know, then you have to love. It will lead you and unfold. Real knowing comes through real love.

And if you need more words to tell you, I'll say them. Love your Ideal, call it God, Beloved, Ram, Abwoon, Yahuva. I just don't care. But the first thing is to love This One - All That Is - with all your heart and mind, and life, and soul. That's giving everything to It. Say the name, feel The One, just give IT all love. And then, don't stop there. Put it in practice. Do the rest: live, fulfill your life. Love every thing and every person as your own self. You know why you do that? Because it all is your own self, and you are part of IT and IT is you, and is every thing and every one "else".

The more you grow the more you are going to feel it and know. And then right actions will follow. Correct living in this whole world - all the worlds - are of correct relationships. If you can be clear and love the Only One with all that is AS yourself, and then DO - following the guidance and knowing that is REAL, above that thinking that muddles it all up - then you've got it.

Do, Beloved. Follow that Heart of Hearts. You've got the feeling. It's all inside you, all is you. Remember. Just Love.

Well folks, there's my ranting and raving for today. Be well and happy and enjoy the site. Use it for what you can and get the most out of it that you want. But if you want to really cut through the words, then Breathe Love and Become.

So click on the link below here to continue. It will take you to more words, and then even more. Maybe they will even lead toward The Real. Set you sights high.

With Love,
Short Welcome Message

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