Working Together: Harmony and Greater Action

In much of spiritual guidance and assistance there is a knowing of a goal of function and then the moving back to and evaluating of the current condition. From there a means is constructed to move from that to true function. The process or means to reach that goal then is tailored to the individual(s). This then is the "path", so to speak. It will or may vary according to the time, place, persons, and conditions.

One of the recurring themes we deal with is staying in the process which works and is appropriate. However, many times people hold to continuing some approach or method simply because it worked in the past. It is being able to move from where we are now, the current condition, with an individual or group, to what is needed, which is the goal. The means or process(es) are secondary to that, and are of value only so far as they actually work, are instrumental, in making that transition.

Here we find a goal of harmonization of persons into one group, or being. The reason it is important or valuable is that in the higher levels of realization and work, one becomes as one entity - or being - which is formed of seemingly many outwardly different beings. This is pointed toward where people may say something like an Inayat Khan did in an invocation, indicating movement to an ideal of function; as in "toward the one, the perfection of love, harmony, and beauty, the only being, united with all those souls who form the embodiment of the Master, The Spirit of Guidance.

This invocation is the setting of a pattern and also recounting of what exists in a higher level of function. It is something toward which to aspire. Why? Because naturally, through growth, one rises both in realization and function to becoming of the one body. It is of oneself. So the transition is to move from individuality to unity.

In this stage of activity, one actually identifies as; and sees, feels oneself, and acts as one body - not just as a part of a large body made up of separate entities. There is action and perception of oneself as this being, together harmonizing as one. The presence of disparate parts of oneself are felt, but no so much as separate beings. Rather they are perceived and felt all as being oneself.

Here there is common action; harmonization if you will. It is one body or being which acts; not two or more. Together in a common activity, there is harmonizing until there is only one. It is of this we become. In order to do this, one must let go of any identification of self which is separate.

There is a higher level of harmonizing also. Higher from the standpoints that the level is of heart and breath and life itself. It is more refined. So it is called higher. This is the activity of becoming one with that being from which all comes and returns, and also the process, timing, tone, reasons for being, and filling of needs. One might call this the level of the bodhisattva. It is that of the Buddha and the level that Jesus points toward in saying "I and Abwoon are one." It is function as this that completes human function, as a person.

Here we have a finer stage in which one harmonizes with and as part of life itself, bringing forward through one's vehicles - which grow more and more inclusive - that which is needed, in the way it is needed, when it is needed.

There is a lower level of vibration or denseness. This is more solid, so we call it lower. This is the life and activity in and through the earth and the lower heavens. Here we find daily personal activity. We also find that many people are sensitive enough to have intuitions, knowing or not, or glimmers, feelings, or interaction with beings in the psychic planes or even heaven worlds. These are the levels of everyday life for most people.

Here we find another reason for harmonizing. Through harmony we are able to interact more positively and correctly with nature and with each other. There is greater possibility of living peacefully and increasing the expression of joy and love in and through the worlds. This results in a manifestation of the true "kingdom of heaven" as it expresses through people, love and joy. The by-products of these expressions are caring for and helping each other and the planet. This results in changes of the political, social, business, legal, and global systems, forms, and interactions. There is through harmony with the One and the expression of life, the continuing of the higher qualities into earth. Everyone benefits and grows as a result of this. The growth is toward the Only One, the being of love, joy, bliss, peace, and light. Here we find global responsibility.

So all these levels interact in and through life. We are part of it all whether we are aware of it or not. All our actions, thoughts, feelings, ideas, aspirations, hopes, fears, and so forth combine to interact with all other things, persons, and activities. When we are in harmony, consciously, with each other, all goes more smoothly and beneficially on a personal level. As we become more in harmony with life itself, then we find all works more as it should, that is, this is truly natural, easy, and right.

So we have to progress to these levels to be of them and to be both connected to and in the rhythm of life. But even more than this, to know the reasons for doing, to know and feel, be part of and act from the perspective of doing what is right "correct action" then we need to be in harmony with those who bring forward this work and That from with it comes.

There are many levels and means of action in these worlds. One we find coming more to the fore is the group or network of world prayer. We see this as an expression of the growing understanding that we if we act together we are able to have a greater effect than acting separately. Each builds upon the others and strengthens each in the process. The intention builds and that becomes a fulfilling process. This is working together.

There are other activities also becoming more apparent these days. One is the unification of the paths or ways to realization. There is a greater acceptance of each other's approach as being part of one larger Way. In the course of this acceptance, person to person, body to body, way to way, we also find the breaking down of barriers and the potential to grow more together as one body. Here is acting in earth more like the body of the spirit of guidance. It is here reflected in our social interaction.

There are many other levels and means of coming together also taking place more in the world. Global trade, business activity, science, sports, communication, and so forth are moving us to act personally as one community. This will grow. It naturally reflects and points toward that we are all one body; and that realization and function will grow even more.

There are people who help this out consciously. They are the workers of light and love. There are many others on the path to becoming of this. If fact, it is each one of us. And each one of us can bring this harmony, the light, beauty, love, joy, and peace into the world through ourself. This then grows to all, planting seeds and motivating more joy, peace, light, love, and harmony.

So here are many varied reasons for learning of and becoming in harmony with each other and the universe, so to speak. When we in the school of learning, which is life itself, this deepens all the time. We sometimes also are in preparatory schools to living this way. These we can find in the universal traditions of the paths to realization. One of the common activities in them is to learn to act as one body.

This is sometimes done, or experienced in practices by attuning to each other and collaboratively harmonizing with The Greater Being and spirit of guidance. This may be called "visioning" or by other names. It also can be learned in various ways. Three that quickly come to mind are through meditative action, through group story work, and through healing work. There are others such as tuning to each other's breath; sound attunements, and walking in rhythm, to name a few. If people follow these activities when it is appropriate to do so, and in the right manners, it gives the stepping stone to become in harmony. Here we learn the basics of intention. This is the doing in earth of becoming one being; reflecting in activity that which is done in and through the finer. This is how we prepare ourself for the transition to this level of function, and how we learn to become one humanity, one being, of joy, love, peace, breath, and light.

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