Purposes of this work

  • To assist in the process of education and developing capacities for real spiritual learning.

  • To assist all people in their growth, and development of living.

  • Promoting peace, harmony, love, and realization of One Being as much as possible.

  • To carry forward the Message of the Day.

  • To assist people, individually and collectively, toward becoming the One Being that exists and harmonizing through daily life.

  • To be a guiding light for future generations through the ideals of love, harmony, and beauty; transmitting what is needed for all humanity to make a further step.

  • To be part of the Great Work assisting all people in a better life, uniting in the One Being and Only Effort of like realized beings.

  • To help promote the unity of life forming of its own accord with the assistance of all enlightened beings.

  • To assist in establishing the Universal initiation in earth without attachment to name and form.

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