The Message of The Day:

An Overview

Matt Lippa, Feb. 2009

The message of the day is Harmony, Love, and Universality.

Harmony in the kindness of life, respecting all things and tuning to become of it; uniting as one body, one being, one breath.

Universality is the Source of all and to which all becomes: That Which Is. From this came all the paths and ways; to which they now return. It is the remelding of The Way we now walk.

Love is the means, the way. The goal from which all comes is through love. Giving away of self touches on Truth. It is through giving away of self in love that action which is True and Right comes. Seek not to learn which includes not service, for giving is the way of Love.

These three things, Love, Harmony, and That which is Universal, make up the current way of stepping forward. This is the message now.

Let us reach toward the Heart of Hearts; that one being of Love, and Become again. Putting aside separateness; thanking all, we become: one body, one way, one breath, once more. And from this we step forward again.

Help your neighbor and make friends with your enemy; for we are of the vineyard of Harmony, Love, and Universality.


See how This works out in many ways.
Read some on the aspects of guidance, taking initiation, and the broader action needed now.

More in-depth on the Message of Our Day.

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