Universal Worship Service

This service is available now for anyone to offer. You do not need to be ordained as a Minister, Cherag, Teacher, Priest, or hold any other named or titled position.

This is now open for anyone who is of heart and love, and who has the desire or calling to be of service and help present and take part in a process of devotion, celebration, and acceptance of all the various paths, ways, traditions, religions, or means toward realization and experience - all under the same roof, together.

There is a body of work available here to use to prepare for and offer this service. It is to be adapted according to the time, circumstances, and people. You are able to be of this process and determine for yourself and others present what books, readings, recitations, attunements, prayers, forms, and other elements are most appropriate and connect most correctly for yourselves. This is a way for you to gain the sense and abilities to take part through this transmission and be a sun, a light, to all humanity.

To read more and start this process, please visit The DO section.
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